¹ Filmiryhma


In 1964 two fine Finnish film makers Juho Gartz and Erkko Kivikoski wanted to start a film production company with me, because we three had made some remarkable films together.
I was at that time in Paris to study film making. I returned. We wanted to work together and named the company Filmiryhmä, which means film team. We made a feature and two shorts. Then these two left me. I am in the middle of this picture.

Since that time the production of Filmiryhma consists of 125 films; shorts, docs, essays, tv-films, some features. We had art house cinemas Diana and Amanda but now we make films again.
I have developed my latest doc in La femis Paris, and we are developing ”The French Surveyor”, a feature about passion…
Virke Lehtinen

Story of Filmiryhma
Virke Lehtinen CA/CV