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• Summer Trail, 90 min

A runaway story of a boy and a girl.

• Three Men, Gold in Lapland, 105 min

An adventure: two men and a young boy share a dream.

Picture from Three Men, Gold in Lapland


• A Police Hunt for a Murderer, 54 min

Shooting started unexpectedly at 5 o'clock in the morning on the streets of Helsinki, and the filming ended in the police headquarters 75 hours later, when police caught up with the murderer of two policeman.

• The Faces of The Fatherland, 60 min

Six different people living on the countryside.

• The Bridge, 30 min

The change of a city district in Helsinki during the time of industrialization. ★ Best European Industrial Film

• Work, 20 min

Work’s meaning in social and individual sense.
★ Grand Prix at the Chicago Int Film Festival

Picture from A Police Hunt for a Murderer


• The Name of the Game, 36 min

A legendary rally film from Jyväskylä 1976

• Touch of the Bear, 50 min

Mansies, a minor people that lives on the river Ob in Siberia. They believe in Nature as their God, they have holy trees, holy stones and holy waters. Some 70% of Russian oil comes from their area.

• Hazards, one hour film essaye

About the trinity of the coincidence – memory – image.

Picture from Hazards


• Margaritana, 10min

The story of the fresh water pearl mussel.

• Trees Telling Stories, 12 x 10 min

Trees are different, their stories are very much different

• Reindeer, 10 min

A story of reindeer and reindeer herders.
★ Silver Osella at the Venice Film Festival

• A Big Joy for a Small Ball, 23 min

Bike is the fastest transporting vehicle.

• Class Rooms of Nature

The national parks of Finland.

• Forces of Woods, 52 min

Life in Europe is possible only because of forests.

Picture from Trees Telling Stories


• The World on a Plate, 25 min

Birger Kaipiainen – famous ceramist.

• Portrait of an Industrial designer, 52 min

Observes the working of Timo Sarpaneva.

• Glass Man, 25 min

Follows closely the work of Timo Sarpaneva with the glass blowers at Venini in Murano.

• A. W. Finch – an European, 52 min

An English-Belgian-Finnish artist at the turn of the previous century. ★ Special Prize at the Paris Film Festival

• Marimekko

Long queues in front of the cinemas...

Picture from A. W. Finch – an European


• Echoes in the Wilderness, 52 min

Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival 1984 with Oleg Kagan, Natalia Gutman, Peter Csaba, Patrick Gallois, Krystian Zimerman, Robert Cohen, Gary Hoffman, Vladimir Mendelssohn…

• Partitura Magica, 52 min

Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival 1992 with Patrick Gallois, Pavel Vernikov, Peter Lindsay, Konstantin Bogino, The New Helsinki Quartet...

• Carnival of the Animals, 25 min

Childrens film based on the music of Camille Sain-Saëns. Patrick Gallois in the leading role.

Oleg Kagan in Echoes in the Wilderness


• How the Movies Move, 18 min

The principles of the moving pictures.

• His First 100 Years, 68 min

Finnish film director and producer Risto Orko lived over a 100 years, in three centuries. A hundred years of the history of the nation flows through the memory of this centenarian.

• Public Shadows, 52 min

The love affair between moving pictures and the paying public: the history of “movies”, living pictures shown on white screen, is a fascinating chapter in the story of a whole century. This essay is based on rich material filmed in USA, Great Britain, Denmark and Finland and it includes sequences from classic films by Lumiere Brothers, Georges Melies, D. W. Griffith, Charles Chaplin, Jean Renoir, Roberto Rosselini, Orson Welles, Alexander Dovzhenko, Sergei Eisenstein, F.W. Murnau, Francois Truffaut – as well as the Library of Congress Paperprint restorations.

Picture from How the Movies Move

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a passionate love story in Lapland

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